Reading comics on mobile devices can sometimes be a clunky and less than intuitive experience, but the latest update to Amazon's Kindle app brings some long-awaited technology to Apple iOS users. An update to the Kindle iOS app Monday brings comics service ComiXology's Guided View technology to the app for comics on your Kindle account, according to Engadget

ComiXology's Guided View lets you view comics on a tablet or other device by hopping from one panel to another. The mode reflects how readers normally read comics, but translates that dynamic to your iOS device. Check out a video from comiXology below that demonstrates the feature: 

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ComiXology originally launched in 2007 as a digital-native platform where comic book publishers could showcase and digitally sell issues to readers. In 2014, the company was acquired by Amazon. Currently, the service is available on platforms including Google Android, Apple iOS and Kindle devices.

Other similarly long-requested features included in the update for the Kindle app include the ability to easily save web pages and documents into the app to read later.

In order to do so, you simply have to export the desired document or article from Safari through the sharing bar and it'll reach your Kindle account. After that, the files will be Kindle-native and can have its text, font or page color be adjusted through the viewing screen like any other Kindle document. Other updates to the app include miscellaneous bug patches and performance tweaks.