With Apple's indisputable dominance over the tablet market, few companies have managed pose a credible threat.

But according to Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps, Apple's greatest competitor doesn't even have a hat in the ring yet: Amazon.

We see a [tablet] market that's ripe for disruption by Amazon in particular, Epps writes on her blog. By leveraging its traditional strengths, Epps said, Amazon could pose a more significant challenge to Apple's iPad than what current rivals have managed. Citing the flawed production strategies of tablets like the Xoom and Galaxy Tab, Epps notes that many tablets are marred by their high prices and inability to keep up with the App Store.

Amazon, Epps says, would be able to avoid the issues plaguing Apple's rivals by offering a tablet with easy access to its storefront and upcoming Android app store. Seamless integration with its product pages is a strategy that has worked well for the company with Kindle, its ebook reader. Amazon has the brand, content and channel to pull it off, Epps said.

Forrester also cites Sony, Vizio, and Microsoft as companies with a similar potential to disrupt the tablet market. Of the three, only Vizio has officially announced a tablet of its own. Though Microsoft has made its Windows operating system available in a variety of tablets, so far the company has not developed an operating specifically for tablet devices.

Sony, too, has yet to announce a tablet, though multiple rumors have appeared in recent months suggesting that the company is developing one.

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