American Airlines credit Alberto Riva 2
An American Airliners 737 commercial jet landing in New York. Alberto Riva

An American Airlines plane safely made an emergency landing in the Turks & Caicos Islands Tuesday after the pilot reported a smoking engine and a fire in the cockpit.

According to the Associated Press, the plane landed in Turks & Caicos after departing from Trinidad & Tobago’s capital city of Port-of-Spain. The plane, bound for Miami, made its emergency landing at the international airport on Providenciales, the small nation’s largest island. None of the Boeing 757’s 175 passengers were injured in the landing.

While the pilot initially reported a fire in the plane’s cockpit, American Airlines officials have denied this, telling the AP that “there was no fire anywhere” and that the plane made its emergency landing because of a “mechanical issue related to one of the engines” and “low oil.”

"The pilot reported a fire in the cockpit and that the left engine was smoking and dripping fuel. The aircraft had one hour and thirty minutes of fuel on board," the Turks & Caicos emergency response department said in a statement.

American Airlines offered a replacement flight to passengers affected by the emergency landing, and the new plane safely arrived in Miami by late Tuesday.