Season 7 of  "American Ninja Warrior" continued Monday as the NBC series shifted to Pittsbrugh for the next leg of the city finals. Over 30 athletes returned to try and punch their ticket to the national finals and Mt. Midoriyama, but only 15 spots were up for grabs. Who would advance to Las Vegas?

The road to Mt. Midoriyama would be difficult in Pittsburgh as contestants faced the quintuple steps, the log grip, the snake crossing, the wind chime, the devil steps and the warped wall, as well as the salmon ladder, the floating monkey bars, the doorknob arch and the dreaded invisible ladder.

All eyes were on Joe "The Weatherman" Moravsky in Pittsburgh. The Connecticut native went further on Mt. Midoriyama in Season 6 than any other athelete and is a favorite again this season to take home the title of "American Ninja Warrior." Joe came into the city finals awfully confident and it showed. He moved slowly, but surely through each obstacle of the course and, despite losing his grip on one hand on the invisible ladder, he became the second of just two atheletes to complete the course in the episode.  

Watch Joe Moravsky's Pittsburgh city finals run below:

However, the run of the night was Geoff Britten. Speaking to International Busines Times after the Pittsburgh regional qualifying round, Moravsky said that Britten was the man to beat. 

"I've trained with Geoff Britten as much as I can because I hear from all my friends that he is the best off the couch rock climber they've ever seen and he climbs harder things than me," said Moravsky. "I picked him to win last year and he went out on the jumping spider, but I've been telling everybody that this is the guy to watch out for."

Britten made good on the Weatherman's confidence in him, completing the course with fastest time of the night in just under six minutes and 45 seconds. 

Watch Geoff Britten's Pittsburgh city finals run below:

Not everyone was so succesful in Pittsburgh. Michelle Warnky, one of only three women to ever climb the warped wall, was trying to punch her ticket back to Las Vegas for the second straight year, but tripped up on the snake crossing, an obstacle she had previously bested in the qualifying round. 

Watch Michelle Warnky's Pittsburgh city finals run below:

In total, 15 athletes completed the course, including Moravsky and Britten; Jamie Rahn, who fell inches away from the finish on the invisible ladder; Elet Hall, Mike Meyers, Sean Darling-Hammond, and Mike Bernardo, who all went out on the doorknob arch; and Adam Mihm, Brian Wilczewski, Pavel Fesyuk, Adam Grossman, P.J. Granger, Aaron Himelright, Todd Mitchell, and Ron Schmidt, who all ended their runs on the floating monkey bars. 

Watch Jamie Rahn's "colorful" Pittsburgh city finals run below:

There is only one more city finals episode before "American Ninja Warrior" heads to Las Vegas to give its best a shot at Mt. Midoriyama. Next up is the Military finals in Los Angeles. Who will make the cut? Stay tuned to find out!

"American Ninja Warrior" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC. A replay of of the Pittsburgh city finals will air on Esquire Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT.