• "Among Us" continues to be a very popular game among fans
  • Players keep creating mods and custom game modes to make the game more exciting
  • A new "Trapper" mod gives Impostors the ability to use different kinds of traps

A new “Among Us” mod will give players either a harder or easier time depending on the roles they are assigned at the start of every round.

A new “Among Us” mod, first shown by YouTuber SSundee (via Essentially Sports), gives Impostors more abilities designed to snuff out Crewmates’ lives without them expecting it, making the game essentially easier for Impostors and more difficult for Crewmates.

The so-called “Trapper” mod adds a slew of traps to the Impostor’s abilities. Aside from the regular “Kill” and “Sabotage” skills, Impostors can now set four different kinds of traps to either eliminate Crewmates or at least make it harder for them to finish their tasks and avoid getting killed.

The traps can be triggered by anybody, including Impostors. They are also hidden from plain sight, which means Crewmates don't have a way to avoid them.

Here’s a quick look at the four traps:

Among Us
Among Us InnerSloth

Bear Trap

As the name and look implies, this trap is meant to incapacitate players who step on it. It doesn’t kill whoever steps on it, but it does make things hard for them.


This trap is perfect for pranksters. The Teleporter essentially teleports anybody who steps on it to some random spot in the map. This could play out well for Impostors: these can be placed in passageways leading to tasks (to make it harder for Crewmates to finish all tasks) or nearby ambush areas as a convenient escape tool (like vents).

Electric Trap

This trap shocks whoever steps on it, incapacitating and paralyzing them for a short moment. This can help Impostors slow targets down for easy kills or can be used as a convenient alibi.


This trap kills whoever steps on it, as well as the players surrounding those who step on it thanks to its area-of-effect damage. SSundee’s video showed as many as five Crewmates getting killed just by stepping on it!

There’s no way to get the mod publicly at the moment, but players can try reaching out to SSundee to ask for a way to play it. Watch the video below to see how it is played: