• "Among Us" is still a very popular game more than two years since it was launched
  • Players continue to find ways to make the game enjoyable
  • One of these methods comes in the form of a mod that gives Crewmates a new ability

“Among Us” features simple gameplay mechanics. The basic premise is easy to understand: there’s an alien that looks like everybody else, and it’s out to kill everyone. It has certain specific abilities that make it a terrifying enemy to deal with. But what if all the player characters have at least one of the alien’s abilities? A new mod looks into this matter.

A new “Among Us” mod called “Everyone Can Vent” lets all players enjoy one ability unique to Impostors: Venting. The mod, Screenrant said, changes the game and makes it a lot more fun and challenging to play.

So far, Impostors are the only ones who can Vent in the game. For those who don’t know, Venting lets Impostors travel to different areas of the map faster so they can kill Crewmates with relative ease. It also allows Impostors to hide in spaces where they can’t be seen, thereby allowing them to ambush unsuspecting Crewmates.

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The mod now lets Crewmates use vents as well. But unlike Impostors, they can only use it to travel between locations easily. Since they don’t have the ability to kill Impostors, the Crewmates’ only benefit from the new ability is that they will be able to finish tasks faster, without having to spend time running from room to room.

When using the mod, players will notice the addition of vents in almost every room on every map. These vents are mostly connected and can be used to move around faster than usual.

Here are some of the pros and cons introduced by the new mod, depending on player roles:

Crewmate Pros

  • Faster travel time, which helps complete tasks quicker
  • Ability to run away from potential Impostors faster

Crewmate Cons

  • Lose a powerful clue in determining Impostors’ identities
  • Impostors can appear anywhere nearby without Crewmates noticing

Impostor Pros

  • They won’t be identified when venting.
  • Even faster travel time (thanks to additional vents)

Impostor Cons

  • Crewmates can escape faster, which means they might be harder to catch
  • Crewmates can also appear in a room during a kill, which means Impostors can be caught in the act

The “Everyone Can Vent” mod is not available for download publicly at the moment, but interested players might be able to join a server using it. They also can always try and reach out to modders such as King, who is said to have created it.