• Google released the Android 12 Developer Preview a few weeks ago
  • It offers insights to tech enthusiasts on what to expect from the incoming system update
  • Android 12 would reportedly simplify the Wi-Fi menu and changes its name

The Android 12 developer preview was released a few weeks ago and it appears that Google still has a lot under its sleeves that consumers are not aware of. Thanks to a massive leak, tech enthusiasts and consumers now have the idea of what to look forward to from the incoming software update.

The fresh set of information about the Android 12 update comes from XDA Developers, which reportedly, has gotten its hands on an unreleased build of the mobile upcoming operating system. Based on the report, Android users would soon have a new way to activate Google Assistant. The rumored feature appears to have been taken from Apple's book but it will allow users to summon GA by simply holding the power button.

Android 12 would also introduce Widget Picker, which is great news for those who love widgets. With this feature, each app on the mobile device now comes with a fold-out menu with a search bar at the top. This is a handy feature that lets users find and check widgets that they are interested in.

Android pixabay

Android 12 might also introduce the Extra Dim Mode, according to the report. Apparently, this is the new name for the previously named Reduce brightness and Reduce bright colors feature. This adds a layer of a dark filter into the screen making it appear extra dim.

Sideloading apps is reportedly a lot easier with Android 12. For users installing an APK file by a method aside from that in Google Play, they would see a pop up for installation appearing as soon as they grant permission for a third-party app to install. In addition to those, the Android 12 would reportedly simplify the Wi-Fi menu and changes its name to simply Internet.

Also, with Android 12, users can take a scrolling screenshot a lot easier. They simply need to select which area of the page they want to capture. Multiple animation changes would be introduced in the upcoming software update too. These include charging the phone, opening the app drawer and scrolling past the end of a menu.

Search engine giant Google is anticipated to launch the next Android 12 Developer Preview later in April. But the most likely release of the Android 12 update would be at the Google I/O developer conference scheduled between May 18 and May 20.