Google Inc.’s Android powered tablets have collectively taken 20 percent of the market share away from the iPad in the last 12 months, according to ABI research report.

Apple certainly is the winner when all the Apple’s devices are put together— iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with a reach of 37.9 million, which is 59 percent more than Android’s user base, according to a ComScore data. In spite of that fact, Apple is still worried about the tablet market.

Android had pulled up its share of tablets almost 10 fold in the fourth quarter, narrowing down the market share for iPads.

Interestingly no single vendor, who deployed Android could pose a challenge to the iPad. A number of them were released at higher prices than the iPad.

“Many vendors have introduced media tablets, but none are separating themselves from the pack to pose a serious threat to Apple. In fact, most have introduced products at prices higher than similarly-configured iPads. Apple, never a company to be waiting for others, has introduced its second-generation iPad media tablet while keeping product pricing unchanged,” ABI Research mobile devices group director said.

HP TouchPad could pose a threat to iPad after it dropped its price from $499 to $399 recently.