After scoring a major upset by knocking out former WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz Jr. is reportedly looking to pocket $50 million for a rematch.

It has been a week since Ruiz shocked the boxing world when he knocked out the former WBA heavyweight champion, and as expected, the media can’t seem to get enough of Ruiz. Just two days ago, the newly crowned heavyweight king made a huge announcement pertaining to a second face-off with Joshua.

In a recent interview with Fight Hub, Ruiz talked about a possible rematch with Joshua and asked for a whopping $50 million deal out of it should promoters and Joshua’s team push the issue, according to Bloody Elbow.

“Yeah, I think they did say November, December but right now my team, they’re negotiating everything right now,” Ruiz said.

“I just gotta stay busy, stay healthy, and be ready for the rematch. I would love it to be here in the United States or in Mexico, you know. But, hey, it all depends on the team and what we negotiate. You know, if they want me to go over there they have to give me $50 million dollars. It they wanna come over there, you know — it’s just negotiations,” Ruiz explained.

Ruiz is clearly in the zone at this point of his career, but he is also aware that Joshua will come prepared on their second bout. The Mexican-American boxer shared his thoughts regarding how Joshua learned from his mistakes and how he thinks the former champ will come at him during the anticipated rematch.

“We all have improvements to make and we always learn as boxers, we always have stuff to learn. And I think if we do the rematch he’s gonna be a little bit more cautious. I think he’s gonna try to box me around [the ring] but Anthony’s not good moving back, moving around,” Ruiz detailed.

After all, Ruiz appears to be confident with his performance and skillset as he added some taunting statements should the next fight with Joshua become ugly.

“But if we both exchange punches I’m easily gonna — I have the faster hands and I can take a punch,” Ruiz noted.

On the other hand, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn provided a statement about Joshua’s status and thoughts about the rematch. As expected, the feeling is completely the opposite of Ruiz’s, BBC Sport reported.

"There's so much pressure on the rematch, as if he loses that second fight then his career is not in a great place," Hearn said.

With the way the fight between Joshua and Ruiz ended, it is believed that many still doubt Ruiz’s capabilities. But after all has been said and done, Ruiz is now the first boxer of Mexican heritage to become a world heavyweight champion.

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua said his next fight should ideally be against Deontay Wilder. In this picture, Joshua celebrates with the IBF, WBA Super, WBO & IBO World Heavyweight belts after his IBF, WBA Super, WBO & IBO World Heavyweight Championship title fight against Alexander Povetkin at Wembley Stadium in London, England, Sept. 22, 2018. Richard Heathcote/Getty Images