Taken Down
Anonymous took down the Greek Ministry of Justice site on Tuesday, replacing it with this ominous call to arms. www.ministryofjustice.gr

Anonymous took down the Greek Ministry of Justice site under #OpGreece on Tuesday, replacing it with an ominous call to arms.

The Anonymous hacktivist collective took down the domain ministryofjustice.gr at some point on Tuesday, and the influential @AnonyOps Twitter account announced the takedown to its nearly 150,000 followers at about 6:10 p.m:

...serious haxoring is happening RIGHT NOW? http://ministryofjustice.gr.

The Greek Ministry of Justice site was replaced with a black screen bearing two Anonymous seals and a throbbing occult image of an eyeball in a pyramid placed above the word Illuminati.

The site then bears a Guy Fawkes mask graphic and the words WE ARE ANONYMOUS followed by a photograph of an intimidating group of what can only be assumed to be young Greek protesters, many wearing face scarves, accompanied by a dog.

A neon green box at the bottom of the screen fills slowly with Greek characters until it is filled, then is replaced by the words EXPECT US! JUSTICE IS COMING!

The visuals are accompanied by an audio track apparently called Iluminati by Anonymous that begins with a clip of late comedian George Carlin speaking about politics:

Politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice, Carlin says. You don't, you have no choice. You have owners. They own you.

That chilling message is followed by an excerpt from a song by power metal outfit Gamma Ray:

Illuminati, you've come to take control, part of the song goes. You can take my heartbeat, but you can't take my soul.

After a few back-and-forths between Carlin and Gamma Ray, a rapper known as Anon-One (who sounds eerily like Immortal Technique) comes on and spits several verses:

Open up your eyes; wake the f--= up America! Elite control your lives with fear; just scaring ya', the lyrics go. With terror on your screen telling you what to believe. But who benefits from panic, hunger, and greed.

The whole combination of visuals and audio combines to create an imposing presence that serves to show the power Anonymous has. The takedown is said to be aimed at securing the release of three students who were arrested by Greece authorities during the ongoing austerity protests sweeping across Greece.

The three teenagers were arrested for taking down the Greek Ministry of Justice earlier this week, according to the Inquirer of London.

Greek Twitter user @soilis tweeted at 6:25 p.m. an explanation of the reasons behind the takedown: #opGreece of #Anonymous min. of justice site down(again)demanding the release of 3 innocent students arrested as responsible for the attack.