Hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility of taking down Tunisian government’s official website. Anonymous

Albeit LulzSec calling it quits, the hacking saga continues. Hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility of taking down Tunisian government's official website moments ago. The seized domain now displays text posted by Anonymous, along with a masked image that signifies the hacker collective.

The display post alleged that the Tunisian government ignored demands from Anonymous to withdraw from their quest for internet censorship. The hacking group claimed that more and more have joined Anon, only to prove that for each fallen Anon there are many.

The note declared that in the heights of #ANTISEC, people from all over the world will join united against corrupt governments throughout the world including Government of Tunisia and fight for freedom.

Apparently the hacker group is driving home a point by taking down the government site, as stated in the display note. We will not stop until internet censorship is a word in the history books, asserted Anonymous.

They called upon the people of Tunisia to continue fighting for truth and know that ANTISEC is on their side. The 'protest' note also said, We believe freedom of speech and freedom of knowledge is a basic human right.

Anonymous declared that the internet is the last frontier and that they will not let corrupt governments spoil that.

The closing statement of the release said We are Anonymous, We are LulzSec, We are People from around the world who are stepping in the name of freedom.

President Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia had gained notoriety by filtering and blocking various Internet sites, including social networking sites Facebook and YouTube. Though the Internet restrictions have been lessened considerably following the president's ouster, sites which criticize Tunisia's human rights record still remain blocked in the country, including Amnesty International (, Freedom House ( and Reporters Without Borders ( and

Several other sites undergo extensive filtering which include, porn sites, gay and lesbian sites, dating sites etc.