• The victim's cousin clarified the man's death was not because of the booster shot
  • The victim's wife also reportedly confirmed he had a heart problem
  • The police said they were alerted about the incident Wednesday

Some anti-vaxxers in Malaysia have claimed a man's death was caused by the COVID-19 booster shot. However, his doctors and his family have rejected the claim, saying he had a medical condition.

A Facebook post about a man becoming unconscious at a restaurant recently garnered a lot of attention after an anti-vaxxer claimed he eventually died following his COVID-19 booster shot. The post soon went viral on social media.

“There is a man who has passed away at Restoran Salam Sentosa, Bukit Sentosa, Rawang whilst having breakfast. Apparently he has heart disease and just had his booster shot," the post read.

“How many more of the rakyat will have to be lab rats," one user said, referring to local Malaysian people. “That’s scary… say no to booster,” another anti-vaxxer said.

A third person added: “I think the purpose of the vaccine is to cut down on the number of human beings.”

The post was reportedly deleted later.

Hulu Selangor officer Supt Arsad Kamaruddin told The Star the 54-year-old man’s family confirmed his medical history. “A COVID-19 test was negative and the attending doctor confirmed the cause of death as from a coronary artery disease," Kamaruddin told The Star. “Preliminary investigations show no signs of foul play and the case has been classified as sudden death."

His wife stated the deceased had issues with his heart, and had been having high blood pressure for the past five years. A cousin of the victim also clarified the man's death had nothing to do with the COVID-19 booster dose.

“The deceased has a history of heart disease and was waiting for a hospital appointment for an upcoming procedure," the comment read. “No correlation to the vaccine or booster. I hope that the admin will delete this post and respect the family and the deceased."

Another person said the deceased was the father of a friend, and urged people not to spread fake news.

“I recently went to the house of the deceased whose family told me to remind people that this post is fake," he wrote, according to the World Of Buzz. “The deceased got his booster two weeks ago and not just recently. I ask for the owner of the account to delete this post and to stop spreading fake news.”

“The deceased had issues with his heart and died due to a heart attack,” explained the user.

The Hulu Selangor Police district issued a statement, which said the authorities were alerted about the incident Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Malaysia recorded 3,245 COVID-19 infections, of which 274 were imported cases. Nine deaths from the pandemic were reported in the last 24 hours.

Vaccinations have been hugely effective at protecting against serious forms of Covid-19
Vaccinations have been hugely effective at protecting against serious forms of Covid-19 AFP / EMMANUEL CROSET