A new patent has revealed Apple’s plans to make MacBooks perform faster than ever.

Apple is looking for ways to make top-performing MacBooks perform even faster than ever. At least, that’s what a patent spotted by Forbes noted.

According to a patent titled “Presence Sensing,” Apple is looking to give sleeping MacBooks the ability to detect if there’s a person in front of it; that the person is its owner; and that if the person is its owner, it will wake up without the user having to press anything on the device.

How does the device determine if the person in front is its owner? By using Face ID. Simply put, if the device senses that a person is nearby, it will quietly activate Face ID to check if he or she is the owner. If he or she is, then the device wakes up to let the user work on it; if not, then the device stays in sleep mode.


The feature, according to 9To5Mac, could be an extension of the “Power Nap” feature. If it is, it becomes even more interesting, and here’s how:

First, the Power Nap feature allows Macs or MacBooks to continue processing background tasks like updating calendars, photos, notes and more while the Mac or MacBook is sleeping. This will almost always result to a Mac or MacBook being ready for when its user wakes it up.

The “Presence Sensing” feature described in the aptly-named patent will then detect if the owner is approaching the device, and will wake the device up after confirming that he is the owner. It’s like sitting down to a computer that’s waiting for its owner’s use.

Still a patent

As interesting as the feature may seem, it’s worth noting that it’s still a patent as of now. While it’s an interesting feature that iPhone and iPad Pro users are likely familiar with by now, it’s unclear if the feature will be used on this year’s upcoming MacBook models.

What’s clear, though, is that a 16-inch MacBook Pro is coming this year. This MacBook Pro model is expected to feature a new keyboard, ninth-gen Intel processors, and will come in a small body the size of the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple MacBook Pro More and more analysts seem to agree that Apple is releasing a 16-inch MacBook Pro anytime soon. Photo: REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach