iPad Air 2
The iPad Air 2 was launched in 2014. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Apple launched the iPad Air 2 back in 2014. It has already been two years since the device was released and yet there is no indication that the Cupertino giant is working on a successor. Could this mean the end for the iPad Air series?

Apple is done with its “Hello again” event, and it did not introduce a new tablet during the affair, which is not surprising since rumors and reports already revealed that it was going to focus on introducing its new MacBooks in the days leading to the special gathering.

Because the tech giant did not announce a new iPad Air this year, Engadget is surmising that the future of the Air series is quite bleak. After all, Apple appears to have moved on from the line of thin tablets with the release of its Pro-branded iPads.

It can be noted that instead of debuting an iPad Air 3 last year, Apple opted to introduce the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the iPad Mini 4. Then, just this past March, the tech company launched its retina-enabled 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

If the release of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is not enough to be considered an ominous sign, perhaps Apple’s decision to unveil a MacBook Pro sans the Touch Bar in lieu of a new MacBook Air is. At this point, Apple’s Air products are in limbo, and this just means their fate is quite uncertain, according to PhoneArena.

As a 2-year-old tablet, the iPad Air 2 already feels dated. Since Apple is unlikely to hold another launch event in the remaining months of 2016, it’s clear that the company is either not launching a new Air-labeled tablet this year or ever.

Engadget opines that if Apple is indeed axing its iPad Air series, the reason behind could be the significant profit the Pro series brings. The tech site even says that getting consumers to spend money for the more expensive Pro that has the same form factor as the iPad Air 2 is a better tactic than having to keep the latter.

Nevertheless, the idea that Apple is discontinuing the iPad Air line is not yet set in stone. There are still rumors that a successor could be in the works and that it could debut with the next iPad Mini iteration in March of next year.