apple sunnyvale
Apple intends to expand to a new seven-building complex in Sunnyvale, California. Courtesy San Jose Mercury News

Apple is expanding its footprint to a new 290,000-sq.-ft. complex in Sunnyvale, California. The new seven-building campus will house up to 1,450 employees.

The tech giant intends to occupy the complex known as Sunnyvale Crossing, near the corner of Central Expressway and North Wolfe Road, the San Jose Mercury News reported Thursday. Menlo Park-based Lane Partners bought the complex and then proceeded with a renovation to transform the decades-old buildings into a state-of-the-art office center.

Currently only one of the seven buildings is leased by Apple, but documents on file with the city of Sunnyvale show that construction permits have been filed for the other six. However, the applications for internal improvements have yet to be approved by the city.

The lease of the Sunnyvale Crossing complex comes as construction of a new home office began in nearby Cupertino, home of Apple headquarters. Construction of the new campus, referred to by many as a “spaceship” or “doughnut” building, began earlier this year. Recent pictures show the design is beginning to take shape.

Sunnyvale is quickly becoming a secondary location for many Silicon Valley companies. Mountain View-based Google has also expanded into the South Bay city.

"If there is a word to describe Sunnyvale and Silicon Valley, it is evolution," Jennifer Garnett, a spokeswoman for the city of Sunnyvale, said.