Contrary to what Steve Jobs once said that any laptop under $500 is a piece of junk, it appears that Apple is now actually considering lowering its prices on its most popular Mac models.

The computer maker in the coming months is expected to release lower-priced models of the 13-inch MacBook and iMac, AppleInsider reported Friday, according to people who they say has proven extremely reliable in predicting Apple's future business direction. The MacBook currently retails for around $999, and the iMac starts at $1,199.

It's not clear how much of a cut Apple has in mind, or whether it plans to offer more value at current prices, but Apple has apparently decided that it wants to hedge its bets against a proliferation of cheap Netbooks over the last year or so, according to the report.

It's believed that the first batch of more affordable Macs could turn up as early as this spring, the site reported.

Overall sales of Mac computers in the first quarter of the year fell 3 percent from a year ago, the company reported this month. Apple's profits in the quarter were driven by iPhone and iPod sales. Meanwhile, certain PC vendors--such as Asus and Acer--improved their shipment as a result of selling cheaper Netbooks.

Mac pricing has certainly been a big topic over the last several months, with Microsoft rolling out ads that boast the fact that PC's are cheaper than Macs, a key selling point given today's current economic tough times.

The first ad featured a girl named Laurenand the second was of a guy named Giampolo who try to buy the most feature-filled laptop they could for a given amount of money—$2,000 for Giampolo, $1,000 for Lauren. Both chose PC's over Mac's as they are cheaper and has more features, they say.