More and more details about Apple’s highly anticipated HomePod smart speaker have been popping up lately. The latest of which comes from early testers of the device who, thankfully, shared some screenshots of the device’s customizable settings online.

On Monday, Apple Insider spotted several screenshots showing what appears to be the different settings users can adjust when they use the HomePod speaker. The settings can be configured through the iOS Home app, and users need to head to this app if they want to apply changes to how the smart speaker works.

According to Apple Insider, the leak that was first shared by French website iGeneration gives a detailed look at the HomePod settings. The screenshots reveal that users are given the option to disable the “Hey Siri” voice command and the manual way to summon the digital assistant.

One of the customizable settings that was leaked is the option that allows users to disable the display light on top of the HomePod’s display when they are using Siri. This will come in handy when users who are in a dark room do not want the illumination while interacting with Siri.

Another noticeable custom option in the leaks is the one that alters the accessibility of the HomePod device when using the VoiceOver service. This means, users can configure or modify the speed of audible voice prompts they can give to the device via VoiceOver.

Since Apple’s HomePod comes with various sounds as part of its user interface, the Cupertino giant is giving users the option to enable or disable them within the Home app. This way, HomePod owners who are not really fond of hearing these sounds could just eliminate them from the user experience.

Interestingly, Apple is also including customizable settings for the sensitivity of the HomePod buttons to various pressures. By doing this, users can configure how much pressure they need to apply to invoke certain functions. This also gives them the ability to make necessary changes to the settings of the buttons, so they will simply ignore multiple presses.

Apple did not give a specific date for the release of the HomePod. However, it’s obvious that the device could hit the market anytime soon considering that it has already been approved by the FCC. Furthermore, Taiwanese Apple supplier Inventec has already started shipping a limited number of the smart speakers.

Apple introduced the HomePod at the Worldwide Developers Conference last year. The $349 smart speaker was originally scheduled for release in December 2017. However, the Cupertino giant decided to delay the device’s release to early 2018.

Apple’s HomePod will come with several customization options. Reuters/Stephen Lam