Apple released its newest operating system iOS 5 on Tuesday, with more than 200 new features, all compatible with the older iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch.

The new comprehensive operating system is totally independent of any device, so once the download is complete, you won't need cords to connect to your computer ever again and all information will back up and sync automatically with other laptops and iDevices on its own. It is free and can be downloaded from the application store.

Here are some of the coolest applications of the new iOS 5 apart from the much-touted and known features like iCloud, which automatically pushes all documents, apps, calendars, mail, contacts, photos and music to all of the user's other iOS devices.

iMessage allows iOS users to send unlimited texts to anyone who owns an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, and the Twitter integration that lets you tweet links and photos from anywhere in the iDevice.

Other advances are the notification center that can be customized according to personal needs and the two brand-new mail and calendar applications through which users can write in rich text, indent paragraphs, flag messages and search the archive and create or manage events in the calendar.

And then there's the upgraded camera, parental control and Safari browser, but there is much more to it. Here are less-known, yet the coolest applications:

iTune Movie Trailers

The most movie-friendly application integrated by Apple in its iOS 5 is so far the best way to browse upcoming movies, watch their previews in HD by iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It displays the list of latest movies and their trailers along with the showtime and theater details. So now you can decide what to watch and where to watch it.

Some of the other features of iTunes as described by Apple can help you make effective utilization of this application:

• Access hundreds of movie trailers, clips, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and images, available in HD or SD.
• Explore an interactive, year-long release calendar that helps you plan when you'll be going to the theaters.
• Save favorite movies and theaters for immediate access anytime.
• Search what’s playing at your local theaters and purchase tickets directly from your iPad or iPhone.
• Save images to your iPad photo gallery, to use as iPad or desktop wallpapers or send to your friends.
• Browse top charts to view the most downloaded trailers, box office rankings, and top movies on iTunes to buy or rent.
• Enjoy your favorite movie trailers on your TV with AirPlay and Apple TV.
• Email or tweet trailer recommendations to your friends.
• Use iCloud to push your favorite theaters and movie trailers to all of your iOS devices.

Customized and Personalized Cards:

Apples’ new free application for iOS devices will allow users to order and mail custom-printed greeting cards for any occasion and get immediate notification as soon as the card is delivered by the postal office.

One can even design and customize a greeting card with their own photo and personal message and it will be printed on high-quality 100 percent cotton paper. Cards app is the best option for personalized gifts for your loved ones.

Find My Friend
Find My Friend is a great application where you can organize events with family and trusted friends, especially for trips and events, where one can track the location of the other user any time. It is paired with parental control and parents can view the location of the child on a map. So, better be careful juveniles, your dad will know where you were that night when you said you are studying at a friend’s place.

This tracking application can be turned on and off by the user.

Reminder is a self-created list that will alert you for every small yet important things in day-to-day life.

Be it grocery list or everyday tasks, the new application will notify you when you arrive at or leave a particular location feeded in the reminder.

So now you have no good excuse if you forget to buy vegetables while returning from the office, or not getting flowers for your wife, because the reminder will notify you when you pass by the vegetable market or the florist.

Newsstand in not the iBook but serves as the digital storehouse for the iOS magazine and newspaper subscriptions. It will organize according to your preferences for quick and easy access and will update you automatically with the latest issue.

AirPort Utility
The AirPort supports video monitoring and one can manage their Wi-Fi network and AirPort base stations, including AirPort Express, Extreme, and TimeCapsule from their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

For more details, take a look at the video that will explain the functioning and minute details of all the new features of iOS 5.