The 2020 iPhone lineup will feature massive changes in look, according to various reports. One mobile site gathered all the rumors and predictions and created renders that reveal just how the iPhone 12 series, as they're believed to be called, will look like.

Mobile tech site Phone Arena decided to make mockups of the alleged iPhone 12 handset based on several rumors swirling around the internet. Most of these rumors and predictions came from the world's most accurate Apple insider, prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This person's credibility, then, seems to give some weight to Phone Arena's renders.

Those who look at the renders will first notice a four-camera setup at the back of the device. The four cameras stem from Kuo's predictions that the iPhone 12 will sport a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor at the back in addition to the three cameras currently found on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The alleged quad-camera setup, comprised of a ToF sensor, wide-angle sensor, telephoto sensor and ultra-wide sensor, will obviously be the most powerful camera in an iPhone. How the setup looks in real life, however, might be very different from the one found in the renders.

BGR noted that Phone Arena “took [rumors about the ToF sensor] to mean a fourth full-size sensor will sprout up,” resulting in the ToF sensor being as large as the other cameras. This could be wrong as the iPhone 12's ToF sensor could be as small as the LED flash or even smaller; the ToF sensor, after, is only used to determine the distance from the camera to the objects the camera is pointed to.

Phone Arena itself admitted that the iPhone 12's ToF sensor might be very small, but decided to enlarge the sensor so that the camera setup would look good. The report said “it will likely be smaller—but for the sake of symmetry we went with the quad-camera design you see above. ”

Nevertheless, the renders look really good. If the iPhone 12 does come close to how the renders portray they might look like, it appears that iPhone fans will have one of the best-looking handsets in years. The new devices are meant to be reminiscent of a longtime favorite, after all.