• A mockup of the iPhone 12 from an online store has surfaced recently
  • The new iPhone 12 has flat sides and is smaller compared to the current iPhone 11 generation
  • Apple has yet to confirm the official design of the iPhone 12

Mockups of the iPhone 12 have recently surfaced via a Chinese online store. The design featured in the leaks shows that the iPhone 12 will have flat sides and will be smaller compared to the current iPhone 11. This design matches what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo foresees for the product.

The mockups were found on Chinese online store Alibaba and showcase three variants of the iPhone 12. The exact sources of these mockups aren’t confirmed and could have been found as products or unavailable stock from the store, according to MacOtakara.

The Japanese site said that they were able to obtain the mockups and printed out 3D models of the supposed iPhone 12. So far, the iPhone 12 mockups had 5.3-inch and 5.9-inch variants. The smallest iPhone 11 available is the iPhone 11 Pro with a 5.8-inch display.

These mockups are in line with Kuo’s predictions about the next Apple smartphone. The analyst predicted that Apple will release the 2020 iPhones with flatter sides than the iPhone 11. The new 2020 iPhones would apparently also be similar to the iPhone 4 when it comes to its physical design.

The 5.3-inch variant may also sport smaller dimensions compared to the smallest iPhone 11 out in the market. The 5.3-inch iPhone 12 mockup is only 131 millimeters tall and 54 millimeters wide. The smallest in its generation, the iPhone 11 Pro, is about 144 millimeters tall and 71.4 millimeters wide.

As of now, Apple has yet to release any official details about the next iPhones this 2020, but two major Apple events will be held soon that will likely provide more clues. One is set to happen this coming March, while the Worldwide Developers Conference will start in June.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Apple's official announcements to see what the iPhone 12 will actually look like.

Following reports about iPhone 11 Pro collecting location data, Apple issued an explanation. JESHOOTS-com/