• A new iPhone 12 concept video features the new smartphone's potential features
  • It will have a better display and a new charging feature
  • Apple has yet to reveal the smartphone's actual features

Apple's iPhone 12 is the focus of yet another concept video that highlights some of its potential new features when it’s released this 2020. The iPhone 12 Pro will reportedly get the ProMotion XDR on its display and the Powerdrop feature. The new concept showcases many great features that could be added on the next iPhone this year.

As seen on the Hacker 34’s concept video, the new iPhone 12 will have a 6.1-inch or 6.7-inch Super Retina display with ProMotion XDR 120Hz and TrueTone. All these features assure a better resolution for the display, which would definitely boost the user’s engagement when they look at content through their phone.

Meanwhile, the Powerdrop feature allows the iPhone 12 Pro to transfer its battery charge to another Powerdropcapable iPhone. The feature has only been speculated to be included in the iPhone 11 upon its release, and many fans are still looking forward to its inclusion in future iPhones.

Lastly, the concept video also shows the iPhone 12 Pro having the LiDAR scanner, which improves the smartphone’s AR features. This helps the iPhone 12’s AR features to augment AR apps more accurately to the user’s surroundings. It’ll also have the A13 chip which is powering the iPhone 11’s strong processing power as a smartphone.

As of now, Apple has yet to fully release the details of the next iPhone. So far, the next iPhone is expected to have 5G features and have generally improved specs compared to the iPhone 11. Many fans are also expecting to have an affordable choice for iPhone to be released soon in order to keep iPhone users who prefer using their devices until the latest iOS update stops support of it.

For now, fans can only guess what the true features of the iPhone 12 actually are.

An Apple store logo is pictured. AFP/Josh Edelson