• Apple has updated the Apple Music app
  • The app will now notify users if their favorite artists have new tracks, albums or videos
  • The feature can be enabled or disabled, depending on the user's preference

Apple has updated the Apple Music app so that it will now inform users if their favorite artists have new tracks, albums or videos available for them to listen to or watch.

Cupertino tech giant Apple continues to improve its apps and services in order to perform at par with or better than their rivals in the market. One of these apps is Apple Music, the company's own music streaming app. Reports reveal that the tech giant has updated the app and added a new feature that will notify users if theire favorite artists have new tracks, albums or videos in the platform.

Apple is currently rolling out the update to users. Those who receive the free update will be given the option to enable or disable receiving banner notifications informing them that their favorite artist has a new song or video that they might be interested in.

This feature, per Apple Insider, is can be enabled via a splash screen that will appear to ask users if they want to be notified or not. “See new music from artists you like,” the screen tells users. Once the splash screen pops up, users can either enable it by tapping Turn On, or tap on Customize in Settings to enter Apple Music settings.

Once enabled, the feature will be notified of new songs, albums or videos using a large banner plastered at the top of the Library. Thankfully, the banner will only be displayed in the Apple Music Library. Banners won't be disrupting a person's normal use of his or her iPhone.

Those who do not enable the feature when prompted can still enable it at a later time, like when listening to the same track from the same artist becomes boring after hearing it for the nth time.

Users can enable it manually by launching Apple Music, tapping on the For You tab, tapping on their profile picture at the top-right area of the screen, proceeding to Notifications, toggling the switch beside New Music, and turning the Show in Library switch on. This will result to notifications alerting users of new music and videos being shown on the Library.