Apple will launch its series of high-end devices from 2020 to 2021. As Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed, Apple customers can expect the high-end iPad and MacBook models in the next two years.

Ming-Chi Kuo, known Apple analyst revealed on Sunday that Apple is working on the release of two high-end devices in the next two years. Through a research note released for the TF International Securities, Kuo hinted that the tech giant is planning to release high-end iPad in late 2020 and high-end MacBook models by the middle of 2021.

The known analyst further stated that the two high-end devices will come with Mini-LED displays. The said LEDs will come with a size of 200 microns.

Kuo uses the Pro Display XDR’s as a reference to describe the size of the two upcoming high-end devices’ LEDs. He describes the high-end iPad and MacBook models’ LEDs to be significantly smaller than the ones used for the XDR.

The Apple analyst also revealed on his research note that the high-end iPad and MacBook models set to come in late 2020 and mid-2021 will use as much as 10,000 LEDs. On the other hand, Apple’s Pro Display XDR is coming out soon with 576 LEDs.

Amidst the popularity that OLED displays are gaining in the market, Apple is taking a stand in choosing Mini-LED for its present releases as well as its upcoming ones including the high-end devices 10-12 inch iPad and 15-17 inch display Macbook models.

Mini-LED displays offer good wide color gamut performance, HDR and high contrast. It dims the black part of the screen while keeping the brighter parts well lighted. It also gives way for better, thinner and lighter product designs.

Both OLED and Mini-LED produce the same satisfaction rate when it comes to performance. Apple, however, choose the Mini-LED as it is the one free from burn-in issues. Refraining from OLED use also helps that Cupertino tech giant not completely depend on Samsung alone for supply.

In April, Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted Apple’s plan to release high-end devices in the days ahead. He even included the release of a 31.6-inch monitor by the second quarter of 2019.