• Apple might soon launch a more affordable version of the AirPods Pro 
  • The entry-level AirPods Pro might be called AirPods Pro Lite
  • The production of the AirPods Pro Lite could start between the end of March and early April, says a new report

The AirPods Pro is the fastest-selling Apple product released just last year. The demand for the wireless earbuds is too high that the Cupertino company ran out of stocks even before the holiday. A new report claims that Apple is working on a more affordable version of the wireless earbuds called AirPods Pro Lite, which could enter into production in the second quarter of this year.

AirPods Pro Lite Production

Taiwan-based publication Digitimes shares that the production of the entry-level version called AirPods Pro Lite could start between the end of Mar. and the start of Apr. 2020. The report implies that there is a chance consumers might be able to see the launch of the AirPods Pro Lite in the summer of this year. Earlier reports suggested that the Cupertino tech juggernaut is planning to transfer some of its assembly orders to Taiwan, amid the threats of COVID-19 and to be able to launch the product in the first half of the year.

AirPods Pro
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AirPods Pro Lite Specs And Features

So far, details about the specs and features of the AirPods Pro Lite are scant. However, it is anticipated that the Lite name indicates that it has some of the features of the premium AirPods Pro. The upcoming entry-level wireless earbuds could share the same design as its premium sibling, along with some of its internals. But, if you are one of those expecting that it might have the Active Noise Cancellation feature, you might be disappointed.

It is highly likely that the AirPods Pro Lite is might be positioned as the next-generation wireless earbuds succeeding the AirPods 2. As for its price, we have no official details yet. However, several tech sites estimate that it could retail at around $200. Apple could be developing the AirPods Pro Lite to rival the Galaxy Buds Plus and other wireless earbuds in the market at this price range.

At this point, these details are mere speculations, and we recommend taking this information with skepticism. Meanwhile, Apple is expected to launch its entry-level smartphone, the iPhone SE 2 this month. But, considering the COVID-19 outbreak and the issues with production, there is a chance that the anticipated launch could be delayed.