• Apple has a new set of new products coming soon, according to a new report
  • It includes Apple AirPods X, Apple TV Gen X, and iPod Touch Generation X
  • The upcoming products were discovered in the systems and UPC scanners of Target

A string of codes that seemingly hinted that the Cupertino company is working on a New Apple TV 4K surfaced online a few days ago. Aside from these, several codes also revealed that Apple could be developing a new over-ear headphone. It appears that these rumored upcoming Apple products are recently revealed through a listing on the UPC scanners and systems of a popular retail store.

Apple AirPods X Listing

The latest claim was shared on Twitter by YouTuber Jon Prosser, who claimed to have gotten the information from several Target employees. It appears that several employees discovered the name AirPods X on their systems and their UPC scanners. The listing includes the product’s retail price, which is $399.

Based on the listed price, it gives us an idea that the AirPods X is more of a wireless headphone than earbuds. The price could directly compete with Bose’s 700 headphones. Is this the rumored premium over-ear headphone earlier reported?

AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro Aconcagua

The general assumption right now is that if the Target listing is accurate, consumers might see the product launch at the rumored major Apple event on Mar. 31, 2020. The YouTuber also mentioned that there are three different SKUs listed for the AirPods X, which could mean it would be available in various color options.

iPod Touch X Generation And Apple TV Gen X

In addition to the AirPods X, the Target listing also revealed Apple TV Gen X and iPod Touch X Generation. The Apple TV Gen X could be the rumored new Apple 4K TV that was earlier discovered in tvOS 13.4 beta codes. We learned from previous reports that the new TV from the Cupertino might house Apple’s A12 chip for faster connectivity.

The Target listing also shows iPod Touch X generation, which retails at $399. This is a surprising pricing strategy from Apple if the listing is accurate. The price is equivalent to that of the entry-level iPhone SE 2. Apple released the upgraded version of iPod Touch in May 2019 and based on the retail price, it looks like Apple has integrated the new iPod Touch X Generation with a game-changing feature.

Earlier, Taiwan-based publication Digitimes claimed that Apple is working on AirPods Pro Lite. These claims are interesting, but it is worth mentioning that these are not official. We suggest taking these details with a pinch of salt.