• The Cupertino tech giant recently launched the Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Many consumers notice that the price of the upcoming iPad accessory is higher than the price of the regular iPad and $50 lower than the rumored iPhone SE 2
  • The Apple Magic Keyboard is set to arrive on Mar. 25, 2020

The Cupertino tech giant introduced the Apple magic keyboard in 2015 along with the Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Mouse 2. Just recently, Apple launched the Magic Keyboard accessory equipped with a trackpad. However, many users might not have noticed that the retail price of the new Magic Keyboard is more expensive than the price of the company‚Äôs regular iPad and just $50 lesser than the iPad Mini.

The new Apple Magic Keyboard for the recently launched 11-inch iPad Pro retails at $299. For users who prefer bigger screens and have the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the Apple Magic Keyboard retails at $349. While these new keyboards are interesting, Apple is charging a large sum for them.

Currently, the Apple iPad Mini 5 or the iPad Mini with 64 GB storage retail at $399, which, if you compare, is just $50 more expensive than the Apple Magic Keyboard. Current generation Android mid-range tablets and previous generation flagships are more affordable than the latest Apple accessory. Interestingly, the entry-level and much-awaited iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 is rumored to retail at only $399.

A few days ago, the Cupertino tech juggernaut officially launched the iPadOS support for mouse and trackpad. These interesting changes arriving on ipadOS 13.4 are just some of the biggest improvements Apple introduced to iPad users. Over the years, iPad users were given half-baked options, particularly in Accessibility, which the industry recently saw in iPadOS 13.

While this may sound like an exaggeration to some, trackpad support is one of the best things that happened on the iPad after a long time. But, it appears that iPadOS 13.4 backs several third-party trackpads too. There are multiple reasons why it is best to use a trackpad on the Apple iPad.

Users would no longer have to tirelessly lift their fingers on the screen when using the premium tablet in Laptop Mode. Apple also allows users to configure the mouse and trackpad to support widely used actions like right-clicking. Moreover, it is also a massive improvement compared to the use of the mouse since it simplifies common iPad tasks.

The Apple Magic Keyboard is set to arrive on Mar. 25, 2020.