• Apple News is a helpful app for those who want to stay updated with the events happening around them
  • Those who want a cleaner news feed, however, can restrict what appears on it
  • Restricting stories on the news feed might limit what a user reads

The Apple News app allows iPhone and iPad users to keep up with the latest news on the most important things happening across the country and around the world. Sometimes, however, the way the app works with links to websites on the internet might not be what users want.

Cult of Mac noted that when users tap or click on those links, the Apple News app opens the related website on the News app instead of opening Safari and heading to the website referred to by the link. Some might like this due to the fact that some websites on the internet tend to bombard users with ads. It's also a lot better than when trying to look for news via social media.

Thankfully, those who want to have a cleaner feed populated by the news and reports that really matter can do so by restricting the stories that appear on the news feed. Here's how:

  • First, users should launch the Settings app on their device. Once the app has been launched, users should then proceed to the News section.
  • Second, once there, users should look for a toggle with the label “Restrict Stories in today” in the midst of all the toggles and switches visible on the menu, then toggle it on. This particular toggle is located beneath “Show Story Previews.”
  • Third, after doing that, users should head to the Apple News app.

Users should be able to see the difference right after toggling the feature one. The user's new feed should not be peppered by the usual BuzzFeed listicles and reports that don't matter to him, even if they are actually reports talking about important things such as national security, politics and things.

The feature will restrict the reports that appear to the news that are associated with or similar to the ones that the user actually reads. Simply put, restricting stories in today turns the Apple News app “into your own personally curated newspaper,” Cult of Mac noted.

Of course, it's worth noting that the feature will limit users to seeing only what they want to see, and not what Apple's team of curators deem important for readers to know about. This feature will be very helpful depending on the person using it.

Apple News
Apple has introduced a new News section. Reuters/David Gray