Apple Card
Pictured: Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces Apple Card during a launch event at Apple headquarters on March 25, 2019, in Cupertino, California. NOAH BERGER/AFP/Getty Images

The Apple Card is yet to be released, but fans are already excited about the sleek new credit card introduced by the Cupertino giant last month.

The card’s minimalist design looks like it came from the future. It has no credit card number, with only the owner’s name, the Apple logo and the card’s microchip visible on the card. People instantly became curious about how the card works because without a number, it might be difficult to use in online stores that don’t accept Apple Pay.

The tech giant said that the card will prove useful in managing debt and that it would work seamlessly with Apple’s software. Despite some questions, however, Apple analysts believe that people will waste no time signing up for the card.

Approval is said to be similar to applying for a regular credit card and the titanium card will be delivered via mail upon approval. It is not clear yet if the use of the account is immediate even without the card, but the account will be connected to the iPhone or Apple Watch’s Wallet app.

Since it is possible to have more than one card registered in the Wallet app of your device, you can simply choose which one to use. When using the Apple Card, simply double-press the side button and swipe the screen to choose the card to use. Whatever is visible on the screen is where the next purchase will be charged.

According to a report, there are four different ways to use the Apple Card when purchasing. First is the traditional way wherein you swipe the card through a reader like a normal credit card.

Next, you can use it like an ATM and withdraw from any machine, which Apple claims won’t incur any fee. This is a tricky process since it’s uncertain if the usual interest rates of credit cards will be applied.

The third way to use the card for purchase is via online. Unlike payment options that ask for the card number and other details, paying via Apple Card will be done via an Apple Pay option. The prompt will most likely have a separate button to click much like choosing to pay via PayPal. Your Apple ID and password will likely be asked. The fourth option is still not clear, but knowing Apple, it will be something innovative.

And as the card was designed to be used to complement your Apple gadgets, the Wallet app will prove to be more useful in tracking payment schedules and even purchases. And unlike normal credit cards which sometimes reflect purchases under a third-party biller, using Apple Card will offer the option for users to view more and find more information about an item to be paid.

The Apple Card is set to be released this summer.