A new patent reveals some possible iPad form factors that Apple is working on. This is but one of Cupertino's many patent applications that have been published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently.

The new patent, spotted by Patently Apple, described a “peripheral housing for a computing device.” This peripheral housing comes in several forms, most of them similar to a 2-in-1 device (like an iPad Pro with a smart keyboard accessory attached to it). The housing has a cavity that has the same shape as that of the whole housing itself. This cavity is where the display and other components reside.

The patent illustrations reveal how the housing will look like or be used to work. One illustration showed the display lifted up and the housing propped so that the device looks like a 2-in-1 laptop in “tent” mode. Another illustration showed two such devices in tent mode communicating with each other via electromagnetic waves or wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the like.

Another illustration showed the new iPad form in portrait mode, but with the housing opened and propped like in tent mode. Another illustration showed the display propped up, and the housing laid on a flat surface. Another illustration took this design further, with the housing showing “projected image of a keyboard.” This design, in particular, looks like a laptop with a touchscreen keyboard.

Other illustrations show Apple's interest in making the housing as useful as can be. Some ilustrations showed the housing as having parts that can be detached or removed for a variety of uses: one illustration showed the bottom left and right edges as flipped and used as kickstands, and another image showed the left and right sides as propped like legs.

More illustrations reveal some of Apple's more interesting ideas. One illustration revealed that the Apple Pencil can be designed to become part of the housing. Another illustration showed the far right edge of the housing as having a small display that provides users with information such as cellular signal and battery. Another illustration showed the bottom part as housing a retractable keyboard.

These are but some of the many form factors Apple is looking into, as per the new patent. There's no guarantee that these will become a reality. What the patent does, however, is inform people of Cupertino's interests, and gives the tech giant its rights over these designs.

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