Siri Super Bowl Feature
Siri Super Bowl Feature Apple

Out getting some nachos? Siri will have some Super Bowl features to help you keep up with game, Apple announced Monday.

Siri will provide users with player stats, sports trivia before and during the big game Feb. 5 between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons. Siri will also provide football insights including team rosters, player comparisons, historical stats, season records and other information, Apple said.

Siri can also help you find where to watch the game and remind you to get avocados for your guacamole.

What To Ask Siri

Apple gave examples of what to ask Siri on the big day. Before the game you can ask questions such as, “Where is the Super Bowl being played this year?” and “What channel is the Super Bowl on?”

You can also use Siri as a game day playbook by asking questions like:

“What is the Patriots record? What about the Falcons?”

“How many yards did Matt Ryan have last week?”

“Who had more field goals this season, the Patriots or the Falcons?”

“Who has more rushing yards this season, Tom Brady or Matt Ryan?”

You can also ask Siri the big question: Who will win the Super Bowl?

Siri Super Bowl Feature
Siri Super Bowl Feature Apple

Apple TV’s Siri on Super Bowl Sunday

Apple TV users will be able to ask Siri to tune in live to the Super Bowl, by saying “Watch the Super Bowl."

Siri came with new sports updates last month with the Apple TV’s tvOS 10.1 release. Users can now ask Siri for up-to-the-minute sports score and can jump to live broadcasts.