• Apple has a new tvOS version
  • The beta versions for developers and the public are available for download
  • TvOS 14 brings many new features and enhancements to the Apple TV such as screensavers and multi-user gaming support

Apple announced tvOS 14 last month alongside major operating system updates across its devices, such as iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS 11 Big Sur and watchOS 7.

While the new tvOS version is not as huge of an update like the others, it brings a few interesting enhancements and new features that will be enjoyed by those who use a fourth- or fifth-generation Apple TV.

The second beta is already available for developers. The public beta is also available for all users starting Thursday.

Here's a quick look at the features Apple added to tvOS 14.

AirPods Audio Sharing

Apple TV users will now be able to connect up to two pairs of AirPods. This will allow users to continue enjoying their shows without disturbing anybody. This will be very helpful for those who love to stay up and binge-watch late at night.

Picture in Picture

Apple expanded the Picture in Picture option it introduced in tvOS 13. The feature now works across tvOS devices, but third-party apps will still need to provide support for it to work.

Picture in Picture now also works with AirPlay, allowing users to AirPlay video content from their iPhone apps to the Apple TV. Users will be able to watch their content in windowed mode.


The tvOS 14 will now allow the YouTube app to stream videos in 4K resolution. The app will need to provide support for the feature before it can work, MacRumors noted.

iPhone videos

The Apple TV will also support viewing and sharing 4K videos captured using an iPhone.

Multi-user gaming support

Apple introduces support for multi-user gaming for Apple Arcade in tvOS 14. Now, the Apple TV will keep track of each user profile's details – such as levels, leaderboard scores and more. TvOS 14 also brings support for the Xbox Elite 2 Wireless Controller and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.


Apple added a few HomeKit features and improvements to tvOS 14. Notably, there's a new HomeKit feature for the Control Center. Users can navigate to the Control Center and tap on the Home app to see HomeKit accessories, see feeds from HomeKit-connected cameras and access scenes.

Those who have HomeKit-connected video doorbells will also be able to see who's ringing the bell right there on the Apple TV.


Lastly, tvOS 14 allows users to choose a screensaver they would like. Users will be able to select from specific screensaver groups, such as cities, oceans or space.

Apple TV
Pictured: The new smaller version of Apple TV is displayed at an Apple Special Event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts September 1, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan