• The Cupertino company might be working on a new Apple Watch feature
  • Apple could introduce modules that contain various Apple Watch functions at the back of the smartwatch
  • Another possible Apple Watch feature is the ability to recognize wrist positions

The Cupertino tech juggernaut has been successful with its Apple Watch Series. Last year, Apple was able to beat the collective sales of all Swiss watches all over the world. A new report claims that future Apple Watch might feature upgradable functional modules.

New Apple Watch Patent

A new patent filed by Apple and published on Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reveals that the Cupertino company is looking into adding new elements to its smartwatch. The patent titled “Modular System for Watch” suggests introducing a new option to upgrade the watch through its back. Instead of letting users open the Apple Watch, the Cupertino tech titan recommends the use of different modules that could be integrated at the back of the device.

Through this, Apple prevents its smartwatch from losing any of its water-resisting capabilities by eradicating the option of opening it. The patent also mentions the possibility of the Apple Watch performing various functions through its components. It includes circuitry, sensors, and several other hardware. But, space and cost might limit the Apple Watch from providing the user’s desired function.

Other Possible Feature

Another possible feature of the future Apple Watch was seemingly revealed in another patent filed by the Cupertino company. The patent talks about how the Apple Watch could recognize the position of the user’s wrist for several features. It mentions a system where the wearable could recognize and respond to more advanced wrist actions like a clenched fist.

This feature could improve through a new set of improved sensors embedded on the underside or inside the Apple Watch. Interestingly, the patent mentions that the feature could allow the Apple Watch to read and respond to the user’s wrist in real-time.

While these features sound exciting, it is worth mentioning that these are patent applications. In other words, there is a chance that these could remain as patents. It is also possible that it might end up in future Apple Watch Series. At this point, its too early to be excited about it. However, it is just interesting to learn that the Cupertino company is actually considering these features for the future Apple Watch iteration.