• The Cupertino company could be working on a new Apple TV 4K hardware, according to a new report
  • The next Apple TV 4K hardware might sport a new processor, perhaps an A12 or A13 Bionic chip based on the codes
  • The current generation Apple TV 4K was released on Sept. 12, 2017

The Apple TV 4K was first introduced to the world in Sept. 2017. The hardware is a digital media and microconsole player that can receive digital data for audio and visual content. The current generation is almost three years in the market, and if the recent discovery is to go by, it appears that we might see new hardware this year.

New Apple TV 4K Hardware

Reports about a new Apple 4K TV hardware started to circulate online when 9to5Mac reported finding some clues on the tvOS 13.4 beta. According to the report, the codes make reference to a new Apple TV under the code name T1125. It could not be a refreshed version considering that the current Apple TV 4K has a code name J105a, while its HD version has a code name of J42d.

The report also claims that the T on the code name of the rumored new Apple TV 4K could indicate that it is just a prototype and not yet a final product. So far, Apple has not said anything about new TV hardware.

Apple TV
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, speaks about Apple TV during a launch event in Cupertino, California, Sept. 12, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

New Apple TV 4K Hardware Possible Specs And Feature

Since this appears to be the first report about the new Apple 4K TV hardware, we could not find any leaks or rumors associated with Apple’s digital media player. However, 9t05Mac seemingly found several more clues about the new Apple TV 4K hardware in the tvOS 13.4 codes. The hardware would be based on arm64e architecture, the report reveals.

It is the same architecture used in Apple’s A12 and A13 Bionic chips. The current Apple TV 4K hardware runs on the A10 Fusion chip, which supports HDR at maximum settings. Users, however, were complaining about certain issues with the current Apple TV 4K hardware.

Some users want Apple to change the remote control of Apple TV 4K because of its design, which is an ergonomic disaster, as Macworld puts it. The site also points out that Apple may want to change its TV 4K pricing. The digital content player is now available at $179, while consumers have the option to only purchase a firestick or a streaming player for only $40.

At this point, the details about the new Apple 4K TV hardware but seeing a new one with an upgraded processor is a welcome change.