• Apple Watch saved the life of another wearer experiencing Tachycardia
  • A  few months ago, another Apple Watch wearer in England was saved because of Apple Watch 
  • Tim Cook sent an email response to the Brazilian who credited Apple Watch for saving his life

Several insurance life insurance companies nowadays started subsidizing Apple watches for customers because it simply helps save lives. The most recent happened to an Apple Watch owner Jorge Freire Jr, who recounted how the Apple smart wearable saved his life by alerting him of his unusually high heart rate. It turns out that Freire has Tachycardia, a disorder in the heart rhythm that could lead to heart failure, stroke, and even death.

Sharing the details of the ordeal on his Facebook page, Freire Jr. explains that he was going home from a trip in Sao Paolo when his Apple Watch alerted him that his rate for over ten minutes is above 140. He lay down a bit only to find out that his heart rate is still unusually high, prompting him to go to the nearest hospital. He was curious and alarmed on what is going on and made the quick visit to the hospital to get things checked.

For the uninitiated, Tachycardia is a heart disorder happening when the heart beats faster than it normally should while resting, describes Mayo Clinic. The heart disorder can, at times, show no symptoms or complications; however, sudden cardiac arrest is the most common risk when left untreated, notes Mayo Clinic. In other words, Tachycardia is something that we would not want to leave to chance.

The story of the Apple Watch user, which was first reported by 9to5Mac, is just one of the many stories involving the crucial role of Apple Watch in alerting users and authorities of possibly life-threatening conditions. A similar story was reported a few months ago of an Apple Watch wearer in England who was alerted that his heart rate was abnormally low. After going to a nearby hospital to be checked, it turns out that he was suffering from an irregular heartbeat called a Ventricular Bigeminy.

The Apple Watch wearer eventually underwent surgery to address his condition. Meanwhile, Jorge Freire Jr. thanked Apple for this life-saving act. Surprisingly, he received an email response from Apple CEO Tim Cook after expressing his gratitude. Thanks, Apple Watch, another life saved.