Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference 2019 gave some exciting news on the latest Apple products and services, including some preview on the next Apple watchOS.

Although there’s no direct mention of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5 that’s expected to come out sometime in September this year, the announcement of the Apple watchOS pretty much gives us an idea of what to watch out for the next smartwatch.

On top of the reveal is, of course, the announcement of an independent Apple Watch Store just for your smartwatch. The independent watch store will be running as soon as the watchOS 6 can be downloaded.

What’s great about this announcement is that users can now directly download apps without relying too much on the iPhone. This will give the new Apple Watch 5 a truly independent feature so it’s now possible to want and purchase an Apple Watch even if you don’t own an iOS phone. Apps can be purchased and downloaded via dictation, asking Siri or using the watch’s tiny keyboard.

In addition, developers can now focus on creating watch-specific apps that are no longer reliant on the iPhone. Gizmodo reported that some of the Apple Watch-specific apps developed recently include the Audiobook app, which allows users to browse chapters easily, and the Calculator app, which pretty much has some practical uses like computing bills in a restaurant. Another feature is the voice memos, which is a great tool for people who need to always jot down reminders. Now, it’s possible to record memos directly on the Apple Watch once the watchOS 6 is up and running.

Apart from these, what people are also waiting for are updates about the watch’s health apps. The Apple smartwatch is being marketed as one of the best health tools available in the market today. The Cupertino giant is investing heavily on the Apple Watch’s health apps and yesterday’s introduction of the watchOS 6 gave us a better view of the direction they are taking.

The company is introducing a brand new design for the health app’s homepage -- a sign that this is something Apple has long been planning. The health app easily allows you to track nine key biometrics, which can help users keep track of what’s happening to their bodies.

The watch can spot health trends in determined periods (such as 90 days). This way, the health app can regularly update the user about which areas to improve or work on when it comes to health.

Although the sleep tracker is one of the most anticipated health functions, one feature that’s getting a lot of attention is the new Noise app which targets people who need to monitor their hearing.

By using the microphone on the watch, the gadget can determine which areas can actually affect one’s hearing and would suggest you avoid it such as areas where construction or a concert is happening.

This Noise app, along with the female-specific Cycles app which helps a woman track her ovulation (and eventually help with fertility concerns), is just two of the much-awaited health functions that will be available once the Apple Watch Series 5 launches in September of this year.

Apple Watch stage Equipped with fall-detection and ECG capabilities, another Apple Watch feature saved a woman from sexual assault. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Noah Berger