Apple was recently granted a new patent that’ll allow them to give watches flexible display. Potentially, the Apple Watch 5 could have this new feature, along with other additions. Here’s what we know about this.

According to, the new patent allows Apple to make a smart watch with a flexible display that extends a little bit to its sides. So far, the new display design allows it to have two layers of display on the watch. Since the new watch will have a flexible display, new materials will be needed aside from the usual glass. The new smart watches could potentially be sturdier, lighter and sleeker than the ones we have available this early 2019. While it’s still unknown which device will Apple add this to, fans can expect that their next smart watch will definitely have some quality ideas to base itself from.

As of 2019, the smart device trend has been foldable displays. At CES 2019, Samsung, Royole and other smartphone developers have introduced their own takes of smart devices with flexible displays. The new device allowed its users to enlarge or reduce the display’s size through folding the device and even allow a different style of display at every specific fold. While Apple’s smart watch can’t be folded at the expense of the user’s wrist, the flexible display could definitely be a great innovation to watches as it’ll be different from Apple’s current line of smart watches. So far, Apple’s four generations of smart watches has yet to adopt this, which makes the fifth one potentially a new beginning for a fresh take on this series.

As of now, Apple has yet to officially announce any new smart device this 2019. Their talks in CES 2019 were about improving their services on all smart devices, while their upcoming event in March has been rumored to have the same focus. For now, we’ll have to wait for Apple's next move to see what it has planned for the Apple Watch 5 series.

Apple Watch Screen
We might see an Apple Watch overhaul if this design pushes through on the next Apple Watch 5 series. Pictured: Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple Inc., speaks during an Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on September 12, 2018 in Cupertino, California. Apple is expected to announce new iPhones with larger screens as well as other product upgrades. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan