Blue Apple Watches
These watches would be able to be a sleep tracking device for its users if the rumors are right. Pictured: General view of the Apple Watch during the Apple Covent Garden re-opening and iPhone XR launch at Apple store, Covent Garden on October 26, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson

Apple may be currently testing sleep tracking features for the Apple Watch 5, recent speculations claimed. So far, the Apple Watch Series has yet to receive such a feature. Here’s what we know about this potential feature.

According to iPhonehacks, the sleep tracking feature is already being tested in secret sites in Apple’s offices in Cupertino. If the testings are successful, the new feature is expected to be implemented to the Apple Watch devices by 2020. However, take this with a grain of salt as no official sources were noted and Apple has yet to confirm this.

However, Apple’s company acquisitions put them at a stance to continue with developing a sleep tracking app. As of 2017, Apple currently holds the sleep tracking app developers Beddit. Last year, Apple also released an update for Beddit’s sleep tracking app. The update removed some features but didn’t add anything new to the app. However, both of these companies have yet to show interest in adding a specialized sleep tracking app for the Apple Watches.

So far, other speculated features for the Apple Watch Series 5 are health-related features. One feature is said to add an electrocardiogram to the Apple Watch which allows the device to monitor the user’s heart rate. This feature is perfect for users who have an active lifestyle or who like to exercise while having the comfort of a smartwatch.

Currently, one of the great features of the Apple Watch is its waterproof systems which allows it to be used while swimming or engaging in activities near a lot of water.

As of now, Apple has yet to announce any new devices for release this 2019. Their CES 2019 show only revealed their interest in improving on their Apple services on all smart devices and platforms. Meanwhile, their upcoming Apple show this March will also focus on these services rather than announce their new devices.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Apple will reveal any new features of the next generation Apple Watches.