• Apple Watch users should know how to factory reset their device
  • Factory resetting helps fix some problems and prepares the device for selling or trading in
  • Removing Activation Lock requires more than just a factory reset

Apple Watch users should know how to factory reset their Apple wearable. It helps users deal with some problems that could happen to the device, or if the device is not working properly after restarting. It also helps users prepare their device if they plan to sell it or trade it in for another device.

Factory resetting an Apple Watch is easy to do, Apple Insider noted. It can be done without the need for the user's iPhone. Here's how to factory reset an Apple Watch:

  • First, users should make sure that the Apple Watch battery is above 50 percent, and should be sitting on its charger.
  • Second, users will need to tap on Settings on the Apple Watch.
  • Third, users will need to tap on General.
  • Fourth, users will need to tap on Reset.
  • Fifth, once there, users will need to tap on Erase All Content and Settings, then tap on Erase All to factory reset the device.

Users should note that this method does not remove Activation Lock, which ensures that Apple Watches won't work in the event that they are stolen or lost. Removing Activation Lock requires users to unpair their Apple Watch from their iPhones.

Those who use GPS + Cellular models of the Apple Watch should also note that they will have to choose to keep or remove their cellular plan. Those who want to remove the plan might need to contact their carrier to cancel the subscription. Those who simply want to pair the Apple Watch to a new iPhone, however, will need to keep the plan.

Removing Activation Lock

As mentioned above, users will need to do more to remove Activation Lock from their Apple Watch. Here's how to do it:

  • First, users should make sure that their Apple Watch and paired iPhone are close to each other and are plugged in/charging
  • Second, users should launch the Apple Watch app on the iPhone.
  • Third, users should navigate to the My Watch tab, then tap the watch at the top of the screen
  • Fourth, users should tap the Info Icon next to the watch that will be unpaired, then tap on Unpair Apple Watch.
  • Lastly, users will need to tap to confirm unpairing, then enter their Apple ID password (if prompted) to disable the Activation Lock.
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