• Apple launched a new website
  • The website talks about the benefits of using the iPhone and Apple Watch together
  • The two devices were meant to be used individually and collectively

While Apple has been busy working on making the Apple Watch a standalone device that isn't dependent on an iPhone, it has also worked on adding a few features that can only be enjoyed when the wearable is used with the handset.

According to a new webpage that Apple launched recently, using an iPhone and an Apple Watch together can “multiply their power” and allow users to do more with the two devices as compared to using them independently of each other.

Here's what the website says about the integration between the two devices and what it can bring to users:

Answering calls

Apple said users who receive calls can answer them on the Apple Watch, then continue the conversation on their iPhones. This is particularly useful for situations wherein users leave their iPhones in another room, or simply cannot hold the handset but are wearing the Apple Watch. Users can also deny calls by covering the Apple Watch's display.

Quick message replies

Those who use an Apple Watch won't even need to pull their iPhones out of their pockets to reply to a message. All users need to do is raise their wrist to see who's texting, reply using a quick Tapback, preset reply, emoji or a Scribble; or even reply using Siri. This feature works using short or preset replies, however – those who need to type longer messages will need to use their iPhone.

This feature is even made more useful if the user has an Apple Watch with cellular function. Users will be able to receive, read and reply to messages on the go, even if the iPhone is at home.

Camera remote

The newest high-end iPhone models feature the best smartphone cameras today. Sometimes, however, it would be nice to have a remote control that can be used to operate those cameras, especially for group photos. The Apple Watch can be that remote.

As per Apple, Apple Watch users can use the wearable to control the iPhone's camera features from a distance. Users can switch between front and back cameras, zoom in and out, and enable HDR, the flash or Live Photos, all from their wrist.

These are but some of the many features that users of both the Apple Watch and iPhone can enjoy. Head to Apple's mini-webpage to see more of the integration's benefits.

iPhone + Apple Watch
A screenshot of the iPhone + Apple Watch website Apple