• Apple added support for Webkit to the Apple Watch via watchOS 5
  • This allows users to browse the web from the comfort of their Apple Watches
  • Browsing is done via a mini-browser, not a full browser like Safari

The Apple Watch is a very useful tool. It can be used to monitor one's heart rate, keep track of a person's movements and activities, and be used to remind a user about particular tasks.

The latest models help a person identify if the noise levels around them are dangerous, keep track of a woman's monthly menstruation cycle, and help contact emergency services in the event of a hard fall. They can also be used to unlock Macs without having to type passwords.

The Apple Watch can do all of this on top of telling the time.

Many who've owned the Apple Watch, however, might not know that it can also be used to browse the internet. That's right: MacRumors reported that before watchOS 6 and the latest Apple Watch Series 5 models were released, Apple already added support for WebKit, which allows users with Apple Watches running on at least watchOS 5 to view content from the internet.

Apple Watch users need to understand that there's no Safari app for the wearable just yet. There's no full web browser for the wearable at the moment. Here's how to browse the internet using an Apple Watch:

First , make sure the Apple Watch is running on watchOS 5 or newer. Older Apple Watches need to be updated in order to use the feature. Those who own a Series 5 model need not worry about this.

Second , once the Apple Watch is running on watchOS 5 or newer, users can browse the web via two different ways:

  • One, via Messages. Users who receive links via texts or messages via iMessage can simply open the link by tapping on it. A mini-browser with the linked webpage will open in the Messages app.
  • Two, via Mail. This works essentially the same way browsing via Messages does. Simply open an email, tap on a link, and enjoy browsing using the mini-browser that appears. Webkit integration also allows users to view HTML emails on the Apple Watch.

There's another way to browse the web using the Apple Watch. Here's how:

  • First, users will need to use an iPhone or iPad to send themselves a link to, or any search engine like Bing, via iMessage.
  • Next, after sending the message via the other iDevices, users will need to open the Messages app on their Apple Watch. The message should be there by then.
  • Next, users should open the message (or tap on their name), then tap on the link to the search engine. Users will then need to wait for the search engine to load. Once loaded, all users need to do is tap on the search field, spell or speak out what they want to search for, then tap the search button.