• Apple Watch users can unlock their Macs or MacBooks using the Apple wearable
  • The feature is easy to set up and even easier to use
  • It works with all Apple Watch models and Macs made in 2013 and newer

Apple Watch and Mac or MacBook users can now use the Apple wearable to unlock their Apple-branded computers. The feature is easy to set up, easy to use, and will save users a lot of time unlocking devices while helping bolster security. Here's how users can unlock their Mac device using an Apple Watch.

Cupertino tech giant might be known for its expensive products, but it's also a fact that these “expensive” devices come with conveniences not normally found in other devices. One of these features is the ability to unlock a Mac or MacBook using nothing but taps on the Apple Watch.

Cult of Mac says that of all the Continuity features found in Apple's devices, Apple Watch Unlock for the Mac has got to be the most impressive and useful feature. Once the feature is set up, all users need to do to unlock their Macs would be to wear and use the Apple Watch near it. It's that simple.

The feature also allows users to approve password requests from various apps. Instead of struggling to remember those easy-to-forget passwords, all users have to do is to double-click on the Apple Watch's side button whenever apps ask for a password. The feature effectively eliminates the need to key passwords in.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch Unlock for the Mac feature also helps improve security in different ways. First, users won't have to risk exposing their passwords to onlookers whenever they need to type it in. Second, since users won't need to type passwords every time, they can create longer, hard-to-guess passwords. Third, users can set the Mac to lock and require passwords after a short interval.

Now, how can Apple Watch users unlock their Macs or MacBooks using the Apple wearable? Here's how:

  • First, make sure that the devices are compatible. While all Apple Watch models can be used for the feature, not all Macs and MacBooks are compatible with it. Users can take advantage of the feature on Macs built from 2013 and newer. Those who own older Macs can't.
  • Second, on the Mac, users will need to go to System Preferences and click on the Security panel. A box will appear.
  • Third, when the box appears, users will need to find the option that says “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac,” and check the box to its left. It is checked by default for newer Macs.

Unlocking the Mac becomes automatic once the box is checked. Users, however, have to wear the Apple Watch in order for it to work as the Mac will search for it and check if it is active or not.

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