Rumors that Apple laid off 50 salespeople last week has created quite a stir online prompting the company's PR to respond and deny the rumors. Meanwhile, CNET sources claim the layoffs are indeed true.

Reports about the layoffs first began last Tuesday when ValleyWag said it was tipped off by a source in Apple's enterprise group.

On Monday, CNET cited a source as saying that roughly 50 salespeople were let go by the company for 'business and economic reasons'.

Layoffs in the sales group did happen, according to several sources who were brought into conference rooms in Austin and Cupertino last Tuesday and given white manila envelopes informing them that they had been laid off, amid plainclothes security officers.

Could it be then that Apple's PR division initially lied to reporters about the layoffs? If the layoffs actually happened, it would put Apple's PR in a tricky position, after receiving criticism on how it handled telling the public about Steve Jobs' health problems.

Apple refused to comment on the latest story, continuing to say that there were no layoffs.