The Cupertino-giant is riding high on expectation of selling their most-hyped smartphone, the iPhone 5 in the coming month.

Apple’s much-awaited iPhone is just weeks away from release and reports from various publications are already drifting in its favor. According to earlier reports, the company ordered over 56 million iPhones for this half of the year of which 25 million units are for the iPhone 5 production.

Apple’s main rival Samsung is sailing high after the introduction of Galaxy S2 smartphone, which is widely received around the world outperforming the iPhone 4. The Korean smartphone giant is launching tweaked versions of the eagerly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S2 in the US. The bigger versions featuring 4.5-inch display are available with Sprint while T-Mobile will have its own version. AT&T will showcase the widely popular 4.3-inch Galaxy S2. There is no word on the Verizon version although Samsung recently confirmed about a LTE version featuring 4.5-inch display.

Backed by huge production of the upcoming iPhone 5 and cheaper iPhone 4S, Apple has revealed its fear of Samsung phones as they continue to sue them for patent infringements. Apple and Samsung have taken their fight from the US to Germany, France, Japan, UK and now to Australia. As Apple went on suing Samsung for design patents, Samsung has turned around like a snake that no longer liked to be chased and has started by filing a countersuit in Australia while also appealing a key ruling in Germany.

Samsung has alleged that iPhone smartphones and the iPad 2 tablet computer violate multiple wireless technology patents it holds. By suing Samsung, Apple has actually taken away the public attention from the problems the company is facing, of late. After Samsung Galaxy S2 was received with rave reviews, it looks like Apple, which usually launches the iPhone versions in June failed to introduce their next iPhone.

As most predictions point towards two models being produced -- iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 -- it is becoming evidently clear that the iPhone 4S which should have been introduced earlier would have lost the appeal of its iPhone fans had it been released along side Galaxy S2. Hence, Apple’s rampant rumor that the iPhone 5 prototype was lost in a bar and suing Samsung paved the way to deflect the public curiosity from the company’s actual issues.

Apple introduced iOS 5 instead of the iPhone 5 showcasing the new features of the phone prominently found in Android to appease the Apple fan base. Noticing the most interesting features found in Android and BlackBerry, Apple perhaps wanted to catch up with the fast moving market. With more Android OS devices coming out with better designs and powerful software along with high quality apps, Apple started suing Samsung, HTC and Motorola accusing them of infringement to slow down their pace and increase the competition. Presently, Android OS devices hold almost double the market share compared to iOS devices.

From Germany Deutsche Telecom to France Telecom CEO of hinting at iPhone 5 releases, all the hype-building technique has attracted the fans who are eagerly expecting the iPhone 5’s release. All the rumors and hype seem to be a smart move from Apple, in fact, a great marketing strategy. Sprint’s unlimited data plan is also the way forward to advance this strategy.

There are many issues that are actually sideling the release of iPhone 5. Most recently, the 4-inch display smartphone has become the norm, hence, having a 4-inch model will surely boost Apple’s prospects. Also MacRumors reported that users testing Apple's upcoming iOS 5 and iCloud have found juggling multiple IDs to be a major issue. And not many have noticed the decline of iPod’s sales and production. With NFC and 4G being found in Android phones, Apple had to do a lot of catching up rather than innovating their way into the market, which they usually do.

Speaking about the iOS 5, it is actually set to power the iPod touch 5 and has become the forgotten device amongst all. In the last four years, Apple had always held a press event in the first two weeks of September to introduce iPod touch model. As the event has not taken place until now, it indiscriminately shows that there is no new Apple’s iPod Touch 5 yet because the iPhone 5 is still being held up for reasons Apple will only know. This year the iPod sales were, of course, down 20 percent from the last year with “just” 7.54 million units sold – the fastest year-to-year decline for iPod yet.

Now the latest reports show that the iPhone 5 production could be behind schedule, it has been reported, with the tear-shaped design seemingly causing manufacturing issues. Another iPhone 5 case's leak from a Chinese Vendor last week has taken a new turn as Stuff now claims to have some additional images of cases for the next-generation device originating from Essex-based Fonegadgets. According to certian reports, Apple is also expected to send the “golden master” of its upcoming iOS mobile operating system to its iPhone and iPod Touch manufacturing partners sometime in late September.

Meanwhile, Samsung is not leaving any stone unturned as their new smartphones -- namely Samsung Stratosphere and Samsung Illusion -- are expected in few weeks. Samsung has leaked the pictures of Illusion which was supposedly a new Android-powered smartphone headed to Verizon. Samsung has posted an official render of the Illusion on its Flickr account, thereby, effectively leaking the handset itself. Illusion is expected to feature 800 MHz to 1 GHz single-core processor, a 3.2-3.5-inch 480×320 touchscreen, and a 3 to 5 MP camera. It looks like a ploy to counter Apple iPhone 4 which has similar features. This smartphone will not be priced above $100 with a new two-year contract. Also, Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE may be a cheaper version of LTE for mass consumers who indulge in speed.