Expressing gratitude toward the environment or trees shouldn't need a specific day. However, if there exists such a day, we must embrace it. April 28, Arbor day is observed annually to celebrate the role of trees in our lives. This day promotes tree planting and care.

The history of Arbor Day in the U.S. originates in Nebraska City. Among several pioneers moving into Nebraska in 1854 was a journalist named Julius Sterling Morton from Detroit. Nature loving Morton soon started spreading agricultural information and his enthusiasm for planting trees to a receptive audience in Nebraska's first newspaper, which he headed. Gradually, he encouraged everyone to set aside a specific day to plant trees. In 1872, the State Board of Agriculture accepted a resolution by Morton “to set aside one day to plant trees, both forest and fruit," according to National Arbor Day Foundation.

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You could mark this day in several ways — be it in a classroom or in a community. Here are 10 ways in which you can make this day fun filled and memorable:

1. Hold an Arbor Day ceremony and honor the good stewards in your community.

2. Organize a Big Tree or Oldest Tree search within your community.

3. Schedule classes on tree pruning, tree selection, tree identification and tree planting.

4. Sponsor a poster contest, poetry contest or tree trivia contest.

5. Encourage neighborhood organizations to hold Arbor Day block parties.

6. Host a concert.

7. At work encourage earth-friendly pledges from customers and employees and seek a $1 donation for the Arbor Day Foundation, which will plant a tree in their honor.

8. Organize a tree walk, which can be a great way to team up with your wellness department. Search for the biggest tree, the oldest tree, and different tree species at a nearby forest, in a local park, or along city streets. Contact your parks and recreation department, city forester, extension office coordinator, or girl/boy scouts to inquire about tour guides.

9. Develop a social media campaign to get both customers and employees engaged. You could organize a tree scavenger hunt, host a tree photo contest, or share educational content about tree planting and care.

10. Coordinate a tree planting event on your corporate campus or at a local park, trail, or green space. This is a great opportunity to engage your employees.