Instacart is getting hit with an onslaught of Twitter accusations from its customers that say the shoppers working for the company are stealing groceries. The online grocery service delivers preselected grocery items to customers’ homes, but now some of these customers are claiming foul play.

According to one Instacart customer, the items ordered were never delivered. They wrote to Instacart on Twitter saying, “ @Instacart you guys suck! My items was stolen by your shopper. I see other people have the same issues and your shoppers are NOT getting in trouble for it because you guys are IMPOSSIBLE to get in contact with. Been waiting on your chat for 2 hrs when the wait was 34 supposedly!”

Another customer had a similar issue saying, “@ Instacart your employee stole my groceries yesterday. This scam shopper, I have his name, refunded all items on my grocery list except for a green pepper. Wouldn’t respond to texts, couldn’t use the hyperlink, went straight to delivery, was charged all fees.”

Yet another consumer said, “ @Instacart UMMM I placed an order for delivery and it WASNT DELIVERED. But funny how the money is taken from my account! Your driver/shopper STOLE MY groceries!”

Instacart’s business has been on the rise in recent months as the company delivers groceries at a time when consumers are confined to their homes during stay-at-home orders because of the coronavirus. The company recently made changes to its ordering system to help alleviate some issues and offer more flexibility to its customers. Instacart also made a commitment to hire 300,000 more shoppers over the next three months to keep up with demand.

Instacart did individually respond to these customers offering to help them with their order issues.

Some Instacart shoppers are claiming that their groceries are being stolen by the company's shoppers during the coronavirus pandemic. In this photo illustration the Instacart logo is seen displayed on a smartphone. Getty Images/Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket