Coming off his recent win on The Celebrity Apprentice, Arsenio Hall is capitalizing on his new found popularity and has inked a deal with CBS Television Distribution for a new syndicated nightly talk show.

Hall, 56, is definitely not a newcomer to the nightly scene as he once dominated the airwaves on The Arsenio Hall Show from 1989 to 1994.

We're excited to welcome Arsenio back to the family and partnering on his new, late-night syndicated talk show, CBSTVD president John Nogawski said in an announcement Monday.

Years ago, he transcended time periods and attracted a crossover audience while bringing a fresh perspective to late night. That same need in the market exists today as when we originally launched, he added.

While Hall's first production in the early 90s was aimed primarily at a younger urban audience, the show quickly blew up and appealed to people of all demographics. His trademark chanting of Woof, Woof, Woof! while pumping his fist swept across the country in 1991 and quickly became a pop culture trend that people would always associate with the show.

The program remained popular into 1993, but as the year went on it would begin to lose traction. he final episode aired on May 27, 1994, and in most of its markets, Arsenio was replaced by a syndicated version of The Jon Stewart Show. This series was canceled within a year due to low ratings and Paramount did not replace it with any other offering.

In the years after his show reign at the top ended, Hall would make appearances on programs like Star Search, and would fill in as a guest host on Access Hollywood Live and CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.

In early 2012 Hall made a game changing comeback as a contestant on the fifth season of The Celebrity Apprentice. He ended the show by beating out fellow finalist Clay Aiken and claiming victory on the Fox show.

Arsenio Hall's new show is slated to start in September of 2013.