Asian Carp are a problem for the Great Lake States -- and they're asking the Supreme Court to help them do something about it.

Michigan Attorney Bill Schuette has filed with the Court, asking them to look at a Circuit court ruling that refused to force the Army Corps of Engineers to fast track a study of how to keep the carniverous fish from moving between the Lakes and the Mississippi River, according to the Associated Press.

Time is running out for the Great Lakes, and we can't afford to wait years before the federal government takes meaningful action, the AP reported Schuette saying.

Michigan and the other states incolved in the suit -- Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- want the study to be completed before the current deadline of 2015.

Asian carp is considered an invasive species, and many think it is harmful to the enviroment in the regions they move into.

The Detroit Free-Press reported that the study would include the idea of possibly building physical barriers near the Chicago locks to keep the fish from moving from the Mississippi into Lake Michigan.

There is no expected date for when the Supreme Court would decide whether or not to hear this case.