In an effort to rouse political fervor, President Barack Obama and his campaign team have released a gatekeeping Web site called Attack Watch to set facts straight.

According to Obama for America national field director Jeremy Bird, offers resources to fight back against negative or untrue statements made by Republican and Conservative candidates.

When another unfounded attack surfaces, we'll arm you with the truth so you can share the facts with your friends and family, the Web site says, offering the capability to report an attack.

The Attack Watch Web site, with dramatic red and black lettering, has a separate Twitter account, @AttackWatch, pleading it is fighting back with the facts. Attack Watch is similar to Fight the Smears released by Obama during the 2008 election, but with a more stagy tone.

Katie Hogan, deputy press secretary, told the Washington Post that nearly 100,000 people signed up for the site in the first 24 hours since an e-mail campaign was released.

This site is a tool providing our supporters with the facts they need to fight back against lies and distortions about the President's record, Hogan told the Washington Post.

Here are 5 reasons the Obama gatekeeping Web site is pointless. Please don't report me to Attack Watch...

1. It's Counterproductive

The Web site has become simply an instrument used by opponents to rail the President by Conservatives, using it as their personal punching bag. The people who monitor the site will be quite busy, as Attack Watch only warrants more attacking.

2. It Has Become a Laughingstock

Instead of serving its purpose to fight with the facts, most people have made a mockery out of the Web site.

Example 1: @thorninaz: #attackwatch I saw someone purposely squeeze the Charmin in the grocery store.

Example 2: @Libertarian_ish: Every time a TSA Agent gives your privates a high five an #attackwatch angel of death is born!

Example 3: @JoeNYLaw: Dear #attackwatch: After we turn in our children for thinking illegal thoughts about our Dear Leader, can we say Hi to Minister Goebells?

3. What's the Purpose?

Attacking an opposing belief, isn't that just the definition of the word Politics?

4. Is it for Money?

Surprise. Attack Watch asks for money for the 2012 campaign. Is this what the donations fund?

5. Where are the Jobs?

I wonder how many jobs were created by this Web site, or how long it took to conceive in which case jobs could have been created instead?

@BradThor: If only the #Obama administration could create an atmosphere where jobs materialized as quickly as #attackwatch jokes!