• Formula 1 drivers to make a public gesture against racism 
  • Mercedes changed their livery to black in support of Black Lives Matter movement
  • Lewis Hamilton said people in motorsport need to be accountable

Lewis Hamilton revealed that he and fellow Formula 1 drivers are going to make a public gesture in support of anti-racism efforts before the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix. The participating drivers are going to meet to discuss what potential action they will do in the next few days.

Lando Norris of Team McLaren said they might opt to "take a knee." Hamilton, on the other hand, clarified that the act had not been decided yet.

The world champion shared that they will remain united regardless of what action they will take. The "take a knee" act became popular when Colin Kaepernick, a former player for the San Francisco 49ers, kneeled during the national anthem in 2016. Since then, the act has become one of the most symbolic gestures in the fight against racism.

The Mercedes team has publicly offered support to the Black community and their rights by changing the team's livery to black. Upon Hamilton's encouragement, F1 initiated a diversity commission. All cars will display slogans depicting support of the equality movement.

Hamilton said he would be donning a black helmet and racing suit to complement the car's livery. He claimed the combination will solidify the message to the world. He also reiterated that brands and teams working in motorsport needed to be accountable and be open to equality.

According to BBC news, Hamilton chastised companies and individuals for saying that they have been trying to tackle racism, yet it is still a big problem today.

"Because it's not good enough, Hamilton said. "Even if someone says to you we've been doing something or we've been trying, they need to try harder, because it's still a big issue that the world is fighting, 60 years later after Martin Luther King was fighting for it."

racism-5273779_640 Black Lives Matter Photo: Pixabay