Articles by Nicholas Muhoro

91-Year-Old Woman Perishes In Bullmastiff Attack

A 91 year old woman was killed during a dog attack by three Bullmastiffs on the New South Wales south coast beach. Three other people were attacked as well during the incident and escaped with...

Bridgeport Man Charged In Valentines Day Murder

Victor Arroyo was charged in the murder of Phillip Ingram on Valentines Day. Arroyo shot Ingram following an altercation that morning at 9 am. Ingram was pronounced dead in hospital less than an...

New Taiwan Law On Suicide Causes Debate

A new law in Taiwan which restricts the media from detailed reporting on suicides is causing debate in the public. Media representatives are saying the law is going to restrict them from...

Formula 1 Brings Forward Break Shutdown

Formula 1 brought forward the summer break usually had in July and August in response to the changes made to the schedule because of the coronavirus. The move is also being made to reduce the...

Suspects Shoot At Dallas Police Officers

Police in Dallas were investigating a shooting when shots came from a passing vehicle. No one was injured during the incident however. The police did not have a chance to respond to the shooting.