Articles by Nicholas Muhoro
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Obese Bear Relocated From Sportsmen's Club

An Asiatic black bear was relocated from the Union County Sportsmen's club in Pennsylvania where he lived 200 meters away from a shooting range. Dillan, the bear is currently at a sanctuary in...

Unluckiest Hunter In America Bitten In The Face

A hunter earned the title of the unluckiest hunter in America after getting bitten twice by a copperhead, once in the face. He was bringing his dog pack to his truck when a copperhead snake coiled...

Michelle Carter Released After Serving 10 Months

Michelle Carter is to be released next week after serving 10 months in jail for convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide via text. She was charged with involuntary manslaughter in 2017 and...

Pilot Dies In Deadly Plane Crash In Utah

A small plane crashed in a Utah neighborhood resulting in one casualty, the pilot. He was able to avoid most of the town-homes. Witnesses at the scene claimed they could see the plane was...

Florida Man Admits To Killing Entire Family

Antony Todt, admitted to killing his wife, three children and dog after police found the bodies at his residence. The police chief has not revealed the causes of death though Todt faces three...