Articles by Nicholas Muhoro
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Charles LeClerc Slapped With Grid Penalty

Charles LeClerc will begin the Brazilian Grand Prix with a grid penalty after a new engine fitment. the penalty means he will be set ten grid places below his designated position. Despite the poor...

Reunion Island Claims Second Brit In Days

Olivier Angeloz is the second Brit to die in the waters of Reunion Island after Richard Turner's parts were found inside the stomach of a shark. investigations are still ongoing to find out the...
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Dog Mauls 95-Year-Old Woman To Death

A 95 year old woman was severely mauled by a pitbull pointer mix at a former state legislator's home in Connecticut. She was rushed to the hospital but died soon after arrival. Investigations are...

Mako Shark Takes A Bite off Touring Boat

Whale watchers on a touring boat off the coast of Madagascar were startled when a mako shark took a bite from their vessel. The shark was feeding on a blue swordfish and perceived the boat as a...